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A collection of works by artists/designers that I find interesting, Enjoy!

Scrawl | 2013 | M.Khouri

I created this comic (my second attempt at comic creating, the first was also for a uni assignment) for my Sequence and Narrative class. The theme word I chose from those offered was Scrawl and we had to create a comic around this word. I got the idea of ‘life written out for us vs. writing your own destiny’ into my head. Inspired by all the comic ideas I was coming up with and scrapping, I decided to base it around just that. Abandoned Ideas, scrawled out characters and sketches which we begin but never finish, forget in a note book on the train ride home, lecture doodles of pretty girls with three eyes and so on. And how many of these probably had potential if we one day revisited.. or perhaps they are complete just the way they are, in that state of beginning, that is theri charm! So here it is: A lonely scribble who finds himself wandering around an illustrated

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